What are the brands of the silk quilts?Why they differ so much in price ?

Here I introduce you some 100% mulberry silk filled comforter.

Mulberry silk quilt

Mulberry silk is produced by the home silkworm, which is long and thin,white with some yellow. It is very smooth and has a natural smell of animal fabric. Those silk comforters are very comfortable and soft, however, with only one disadvantage, which is that it will be extracted in the long run and become thin with less warmth. But you can keep the fluffy by regular air and slight tap.

Tussah quilt

The silk in the tussah quilt is made by the wild silkworm, which is thicker than the mulberry silk with the original color– black. The color will fade only by the chemical detergent, then customers will accept the color and the ordor. In addition, the tussah silk has less sheen and is tough than mulberr silk but with one obvious advantage- It is more flexible and durable.

Short fiber silk quilt

It is apparent that short fiber silk quilt is the kind of quilt which has short fibric, just like the cotton. Those silk needs quilting process in case of moving and missing. The raw material of those silk quilt are the used mulberry silk, which has been processed through bleaching and made by especial machine. This quality of this kind of silk is not as good as the usual one, with less money though.

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