Different kinds of quilt

Different kinds of quilt

Different kinds of quilt

In winter, we all want to stay in warm bed as long as possible to keep warm. Good bedding can improve our sleeping quality to keep us a good state of working. Thus it is more important to choose high-quality bedding in winter. As is studied, we can fall asleep the mostly when the temperature is between 32 and 34. If our bed is cold, we need to make it warm by our body and we will lose energy. Feeling cold, it will be harder for us to fall asleep. The following are some advice in choosing our bedding. You can have a look and when you need some bedding, you can consider this way.


4Choose our bedding according to the materials. The materials of bedding in the market can generally be divided into six kinds, named: Cashmere quilt, silk duvet, down quilt, hollow quilt, cotton quilt and Physiotherapy quilt. When we choose them, we should have a look at the composition table of each quilt instead of just looking at the appearance.

    Silk bedding: the most natural and green

Silk bedding is very light and if you want to choose silk bedding, you should choose pure silk. As is known to us, during the growing up of the silkworms, they can not touch any kind of chemical material. So it is the most natural choice. The advantages are that silk is made of animal protein and includes many amino acids that our body need, so it is very healthful. It can also help us to keep our skin moisture and smooth. Anyone whether you are old or young, you can choose this kind of bedding.


Fiber quilt: the cheapest

Fiber quilt is the cheapest kind of all the materials. The biggest advantage is that it is breathable and warm.

Down quilt: it is the lightest

This kind of bedding is the lightest and can absorb our sweat. It is very suitable for the old for them to breathe more easily. The advantage is that it is healthful especially for the old and the young.

6 Different kinds of quilt have different advantages. However, if you want choose the healthful duvet, you had better choose silk. Of all the materials, silk is the most healthful for us, including our health and skin, even hair. Silk comes from China and now is popular all around the world for more and more people have known the advantages of silk and want to choose it for themselves and their family members.

Whatever kind of bedding you want to choose, be careful with the composition form and make it clear that it is pure or not. We know, many kinds of bedding just have an appearance that is attractive, if you check the inside pert carefully, you 3will find it is very low-quality. The most important thing is to choose the product that is the most healthful!9

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