How to Distinguish and Wash Real Silk Products

Silk is also called “the queen of fabric” because of the comfortable and natural fabric. Then, what should you focus on when purchasing silk clothing? Firstly, you should pay attention to the fabric component on the label, especially the component of real mulberry silk. Secondly, check the quality of silk clothing, for example, if the material has stains or even sheen, if the clothing comes unsewn, if the label and trade mark is completed. Plus, you should check if there is floral deformation on the Jacquard silk bedding or clothing. The most effective way to test if the silk items is 100% mulberry is to burn other than appearance, with scorching smell when silk clothing are burned.

There are several tips for washing silk product. First of all, use the neutral detergent, with less soaking time and gentle force, then, rinse with clean water and hang them in the cool area. Iron the silk clothing with proper temperature. If the silk pajamas is worn for a long time without washing, yellow spot remains on the cloth because of the salty component in the sweater. As a consequence, silk clothing must be washed thoroughly after wearing.

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