Your pillowcase should be cleaned once a month

Your pillowcase should be cleaned once a month

There are several reasons for the bad sleeping.First, psychologically speaking, people in modern times are tend to be high-pressure, a majority of them have insomnia problem because of the stress from family and work. In addition, people are facing the lack of sleeping time. For example, playing phones or ipad before going to bed takes up a lot of their sleeping time.A lot of people reflect that they have trouble going to sleep in time even they try hard.500-silk-fitted-pillows-02

Secondly, environmental element is another killer for people’s normal sleep. For instance, the light, especially the screen light from cell phone,affects people’s normal biological regularity. Plus, some bad sleeping habits contribute to insomnia,too. Some prefer to have a cigratte or drink before bed, which makes them too excited to sleep. In the long run, their biological clock is damaged and they don’t have enough rest. As a consequence, they can’t work or study efficiently as usual.

Here are some advice for your sound sleep.
Keep your bedroom temperature at 25℃ or so. It’s better to keep the internal temperature of your duvet about 2℃ higher than your body temperature, normally,38℃ is the best. Besides, air your bedroom regularly.
Find yourseld a good pillowcase to make your bedtime comfortable and your skin healthy. Silk is the best material, generally speaking. And, your pillowcase should be cleaned once a month.Normally, it should be cleaned and changed once a year to make sure it’s flexible and clean.

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