How to select a healthy pillow?

How to select a healthy pillow?

Each of us needs to sleep for at least 5-6 hours everyday. Thus a pillow is a very important tool for us. However, different people have different sleeping postures. The selections for different persons are also not the same. A perfect night’s sleep won’t exist without a “quiet” pillow. Well, how to choose a suitable pillow for ourselves?

First of all, we should choose a pillow which is not too hard or too soft

Beside a pillow’s height, experts say that Pillow’s hardness is also very important. If a pillow is too hard, it will decrease the contact area of the head. The pressure will be increased. The scalp will be uncomfortable, conversely, if the pillows are too soft. It is difficult to maintain a certain height and is not good for sleep. In addition, it will affect the blood circulation. Thus, slightly soft pillows should be selected without being too hard.

Secondly: reasonable sleep location of the head on the pillow

Which part you locate on the pillow is very important. Generally speaking, you had better put your head in the middle of the pillow. For the one hand, you can keep a steady sleeping posture, avoiding causing stiff neck after changing different postures during the night. One the other hand, your neck can be held to keep normal physical curve. Then you will feel comfortable in the morning.

Choosing a better pillow, choosing a high-quality sleep!

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