Sevaral Tips for Selecting Silk Bedding for Hotel


Scientific test shows that silk bedding can improve skin condition by increasing the protein amount. Therefore,a lot of people tend to purchase silk bedding set. Silk is quite expensive for its precious material, here I will give you some advice for purchasing silk linens.

Firstly, you should learn to check the component of silk products by looking at the labels of products, for instance, how much protein fabric does it include, does the items contain some material that is harmful to people skin and hair.
Secondly, silk is very soft and smooth. If you feel the silk products in a tough way, it is definitely not a pure silk products, which is absolutely harmful your health.
Thirdly, silk has a natural sheen and looks nice.The fake silk products, however, looks gloomy. If consumers find such product, they should report this to relevant authorities immediately.

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